Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Rishi Idnani On The Street

Rishi Idnani the beautiful Muslim Hunks from India who now live and work as a model in New York going to street to spread he persona. Everybody know this men have an amazing body and beautiful face. His Arabian looks makes him more sexiest ethnically hunks on the planet. Let see what he doing when he's touring the New York City.

Hmmm Rishi's smile always made my day, especially when he wear no shirts and show his killer six pack tummy. I wonder what he seeing on picture above.

I understand why peoples covered clothed when you have beautiful body like Rishi, Look...Rishi he's only wear some underwear with gellly hair. I think everyone should do what Rishi do...:) Just kidding!

Another cool pose from this Indian hunks. This picture taken by famous photographer, this show that Rishi Idnani had becoming one of top male model right now. Hmmm. don't you think he's look like the Prince Charming From Pakistan, Imran Abbas?

For you who never meet him personally, you should have know that this young beautiful men is very nice guy, he's so down to earth. In the same time he's perfect, so he was beautiful outside and inside. For the picture above, sorry for bad quality :(

Rishi Idnani the beautiful Indian Hunk show his tremendous sexy body with killer pose. I think my granny will die in heart attack if she see this picture. Rishi Idnani is a model with huge talent and braves of doing even with no cloth photo shoot, do you remember my my last post about this hunk: Provocative : Rishi Idnani X Rated . This is proved that this men is easy to work with to make some sexy picture. Hmm...I hope one day I could becoming photographer and make some work with him :)

1 komentar:

  1. wow Muslim?????? from his name one can come to know hes Hindu ...... Rishi isnt a muslim name ...its purely an Indian Hindu name...but nevertheless hes truely amazing



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