Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

Voljen Gubeljic : The Next Big Hunk From Bosnia Herzegovina

As I told you, Balkan country like Bosnia, Albania and Turkey is home for millions hunks. These men always won many pageant competition. Yes one of big countries which produces many pageant winner is Bosnia Herzegovina. Bosnia is consist 40% Muslims population which make the 3rd largest Muslims population in Europe after Kosovo and Albania.

After Bosnia won Mister Universe Model 2010 by Tarik Kaljanac, they hunt for another victory in male pageant hegemony. Yes, after Voljen Gubeljic picked as Mister Bosnia Herzegovina 2010 in their capital city of Pristina. This Bosnian hunks will be crown favorite for his body and also his personality. He was only 19 but his body so mature for his age. Just let see him on below pictures, you will amaze!

The best part of his body, I have to say his abs and he is tall, with 188 cm body, he actually too big for his age. But anyway don't you think he was kind like an Indian? I don't know but seems he was. He doesn't look like European in generally. I was thought he was Rishi Idnani brother. well it's just joke.

Voljen will compete in Manhunt International 2011 held in China. Mark my word he will be at least on top 10. With that body and personality I thought it's not too much describe him as the best candidate who deserves to take the crown.

What you think?

Ermal Merdani Won Mister Albania 2010

Albania is know as one of Balkan countries, This country produce a lot beautiful peoples. Do you remember Angela Martini? one of Miss Universe contestant who reach top 10 at Miss Universe pageant held in Las Vegas last year. Well, she was an Albanian girl who make some Victoria Secret's aura on the that beauty contest.

OK, let's leave Angela Martini for a while, and move on with another pageant contestant from Albania but this time from Albanian men. Mister Albania official had decided that Ermal Merdani, the Muslim Hunks from Albania crown as Mister Albania 2010 held on September 23rd last year in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. He will be represent Albania in Mister World 2010 pageant.

I don't have many information about him since all articles in net using Albanian language to describe this hot young hunk. But I'm noticed in several sites that he was one of Big Brothers contestant who make the final appearence but lost in the end.

As you can see this Albanian Hunks will be one of the best candidate to win Mister World 2010 which held in mid of the year. But even I'm support him my favorite of course still the sexy Mister Turkey 2010. as once I said that Turkey is a country with full of hot hunks but unfortunately most of them is not practicing muslim. so sad :(

Anyway check the video below, when Ermal Merdani crowned as Mister Albania 2010.


Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Imran Abbas Wearing Traditional Dress

Imran Abbas the Muslim Hunks from Pakistan known as down to earth guy in his country. But not that all, This young top model and actor is so patriotic and love so much anything about his traditional country things including it's traditional dress.

We can see a lot picture of him wearing Pakistan men clothes. He looks so ethnical but in the same time so charming in Pakistan way. This what I like about east country, they respect they culture instead drowned with western culture which is not suit values fro them as eastern peoples.

In my opinion Imran's charisma more sharp in traditional dress, and his cool pose always make me melt down. I wonder why he's never smile in any picture of him. It's could be good picture if this Prince charming from Pakistan smile in every picture of him.

But I heard about him in another forum said that he was a shy guy, so I don't he's could smile in a photo shoot.

With this shoot, I think Imran Abbas deserved to represent Pakistan in male model pageant instead some Pakistani amateur who doesn't have any model material such as mister pakistan 2010. Erghh..I don't want to insult anyone but I'm not gonna lie that those men is ugly.

I noticed that Pakistan traditional dress is similar to Indian traditional dress. But even I think both culture share same culture, I think Pakistani culture more satirical and charismatic. And of course when Imran Abbas wear it, Pakistani culture seems so glamor and sexy. I thought he was an Arab Prince, but honestly he more sexy than any Arabic Princes.

[Video] Fitness Tips From The Sexiest Men From Kashmir, Muzammil Ibrahim

My first post on this blog is about the beautiful men from Kashmir, Muzammil Ibrahim had becoming top post all of time(at least untiil now). It show that Muzammil is searched by many hunks hunter from all over the world. The model and actor who now live and wolk in India have amazing body that most of peoples is wonder how he get that body.

Well you must be happy because this Muslim Hunks will shared his secret to achieve body shape like what he got. You must remember this men also have good English so he made this video with no problem for peoples to understand it.

So check the video below and get your dream come true, to have beautiful body like Muzammil Ibrahim, the Indian hunks from Kashmir. and never expect him to talk about his romance with a girl, because he's so introvert person.


Udi Karni In Black And White

Udi Karni, the beautiful hunk from Palestine. Last post about him I wrote that he was an peaceful person who make some good peace movement to stop Israeli occupation in Palestine. But Right know I leave that issues because honestly I hate to talks all about politics, it's boring topic and always the same issues.

Now I want to show you, the best picture of him in black and white version. When I look him at these picture I realized that actually this Arab hunks have beautiful eyes but unfortunately I can't see that on normal picture of him.

Hmm.. if you look for a sec on, don't you think he,s face have similar bone structure with Bouchar Houli, the sexiest rugby player form Lebanon? but the difference is Udi Karni eyes more soft and so baby look like.

His beautiful eyes seems portrayed Palestinian condition, so sad but in the same time so genuine and charming. I love when his hazel eyes taken on black and white picture.

This Armani model re known as down to earth person by many his friend, I know a lot of him from other blog sites. I don't whether if the information they served is true or not. But if you look at her face especially his eyes you will know that this beautiful Arab hunk is good person.

He's an athlete too(Pole Vault), so he has some sportive soul in himself, what perfect Muslim Hunks! He did competes in some pole vault tournament like in Olympic or other tournament.

I heard that he an introvert person, and it suddenly remind me with Arab American model, AJ Albuarub, you know the blond model from USA who have some Arab blood and Arab name on him. Hmm Udi Karni quite too, it's make him a mystery person. I wonder...

Rishi Idnani On The Street

Rishi Idnani the beautiful Muslim Hunks from India who now live and work as a model in New York going to street to spread he persona. Everybody know this men have an amazing body and beautiful face. His Arabian looks makes him more sexiest ethnically hunks on the planet. Let see what he doing when he's touring the New York City.

Hmmm Rishi's smile always made my day, especially when he wear no shirts and show his killer six pack tummy. I wonder what he seeing on picture above.

I understand why peoples covered clothed when you have beautiful body like Rishi, Look...Rishi he's only wear some underwear with gellly hair. I think everyone should do what Rishi do...:) Just kidding!

Another cool pose from this Indian hunks. This picture taken by famous photographer, this show that Rishi Idnani had becoming one of top male model right now. Hmmm. don't you think he's look like the Prince Charming From Pakistan, Imran Abbas?

For you who never meet him personally, you should have know that this young beautiful men is very nice guy, he's so down to earth. In the same time he's perfect, so he was beautiful outside and inside. For the picture above, sorry for bad quality :(

Rishi Idnani the beautiful Indian Hunk show his tremendous sexy body with killer pose. I think my granny will die in heart attack if she see this picture. Rishi Idnani is a model with huge talent and braves of doing even with no cloth photo shoot, do you remember my my last post about this hunk: Provocative : Rishi Idnani X Rated . This is proved that this men is easy to work with to make some sexy picture. Hmm...I hope one day I could becoming photographer and make some work with him :)


Udi Karni : Palestinian Hunk Who Make Peace On Middle East

Palestine maybe still occupied by Israel, but it doesn't stop Palestine to produce Arab hunks like Udi Karni. Udi Karni the Muslim Hunks is 22 years old from Palestine. He was an athlete and compete in Beijing Olympic 2008 but unfortunately he doesn't get any medal.

What I like about this arab hunks is his personality not only his physiqe but I agree his body is flawless. he was a nice person and ready to help others. He was an great athlete but in the same time he was just all arabs men.

Look the Armani ads picture, don't you think he more sexy compare to David Beckham? yes of course, He was number one athlete who has great body that's why Armani picked him as their model along with the overrated Cristiano Ronaldo and the biggest loser David Beckham a.k.a male wh0re from britain.

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Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Yahya Demir : Turkish Hegemony In Male Beauty

Turkey is a country with full of hottest men in the world, before this I post about Gokhan Keser the cutest men in the world. Now I will introduce you with the hottest male model in Turkey, his name is Yahya Demir. He's 23 years old from Instanbul the second largest city in Turkey.

Yahya Demir is Turkish Hunk who have been appeared in some top magazine in Europe, he becoming high paid male model from Turkey who worked in Europe. He used work with Armani, Gucci, Prada, and other  top cloth company.

Like others Turkish male top model, he also have been compete in several pageants but unfortunately no good resulst.


Mister Lebanon Will Win Mister International 2011

Lebanon always produce a lot of hot hunks, well if you remember the sexiest Bachar Houli, the sexiest rugby player who no live in Australia. Now we have Mhamad Arabi Mister Lebanon 2010 who will compete in L-men Mister International 2011 in Jakarta. With that face and body, believe me this hot men will crown the title.

In his country Lebanon, he work as accountant and he was from Phoenician race. He now live Beirut city, the 24 years old men now prepare to compete with other contestant from all over the world to take the title as the new Mister International 2011.

With that body and face, this Muslim Hunks from Lebanon actually will win the competition easily. He has some Arab men feature in generally. And his hair seems so care able, he got beautiful eyes too. Well I have to admit that his body is average, but if you looking to other contestant I think he so much better than any of them.

Well Good luck Arabi!

Eh..Bad Choice From Turkey

I have no idea why Turkish official for Mister International 2011 is picked men who have name Efecan Dianzenza as their represent for L-Men Mister International 2011. Seriously I don't want to insult anyone but I have to admit this men is ugly. I can even imagine why a country who produce hottest men in the world like Gokhan Keser could picked him as their representative in that prestige show.



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