Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

Rayhan Febrian : The Winner if L Men Contest 2011

Rayhan Febrian is the winner of L Men of the year 2011 and he was my favorite to win the crown. Rayhan is represented the province of Central Java, the place where he was born and raised. If you look at for a while , you will think that he was Chinese but No, Rayhan actually pure Javanese boy.

In L Men Of The Year 2011 Rayhan beat 39 contestant to win the prize and status as L Men of the Year 2011 held by Milk company L MEN. Rayhan also have rights to represent his country Indonesia in Manhunt International 2012 and Mister International 2012, both will held in Incheon city of South Korea. Hope he will doing better up there!

Rayhan now still study in an University in Central Java Majoring Tourism course, he like to becoming a Tourism Guide and successful businessman. Beside study the Tourism, Rayhan also won the contest of Cnetral Java Tourism representative held by Government of Central Java.

Rayhan Febrian profile/biography:
  • Full Name : Rayhan S Febrian
  • Age : 21 Years
  • Birth Place : Central Java
  • Nationality : Indonesian
  • Height : 178 cm
  • Hair : Dark
  • Occupation : Model, Spokeperson and Student


Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Farzan Athari : The Sexiest Iranian Model

Farzan Athari is Iranian professional male model who now living and work in Sweden. He was born in The capital of Iran , Tehran in 26 June 1984. Farzan Athari also work as TV Personality in Sweden. His career begin in his home country with modeling some international brand. Now he aready modeling for more than 100 International brand.

Farzan Athari now married to Iranian girl and had one children from it. He became famous after get award as People Choice Award at International Fashion Model Contest 2005, competing for 48 Countries. Farzan also the winner of Best model cover of year held by Men's Health Magazine in 2007.

Farzan Athari Profile/Biography:
  • Full Name : Farzan Athari
  • Born Place : Tehran
  • Date of Birth : 26 June, 1984
  • Nationality : Iranian, Swedish
  • Height : 6'1
  • Occupation : Model, Actor, TV Personality

Selasa, 27 September 2011

Kivanc Tatlitug

Oh..you gonna Love this, if you ever go to Turkey you probably will know this men. His name is Kivanc Tatlitug (I know its so hard to mention his name), he was a male model and top famous actor in his country, Republic of Turkey. Kivanc is considered as one of sexiest men in Turkey along with the hottest Turkish hunk Gokhan Keser.  Kivancj Tatlitug was born in Adana on 27th October, 1983, he and his family moved to Istanbul when he was 10 years old.

Kivanc Attended Elementary school of Yeniz Ozel Cag Lisesi after that he, his parents and 4 his brother and sister moved to the Capital city of Turkey Istanbul. In Istanbul Kivanc joined Basketball team called Ukerr spors Club as a professional basketball player. His parents want him to go to acting school but he refused and said that to become an athlete was his dream since he was a child. but his mother sent him to Kultur University Communication Design majoring the Cinema TV acting. Kivanc at the time has no choice but he love that decision after he git many jobs as a actor.

Kivanc is dating Miss World 2003 from Turkey Azra Akin but the couples separated in the early 2010. in 2002 this sexy Turkish hunks win The Best Model of The World and The best Model of Turkey. He apperard in many top rated Turkish drama series such as Gumus(Noor Tv Series), Menekse Ile Halil and many more. He fluently speak Turkish and English. And the lasting for your information actually Kivanc is half Bosnian, so that's why he look so "white"...

Kivanc Tatlitug's profile/biography:
  • Full Name : Kivanc Tatlitug
  • Birth of Place : Adana, South Turkey
  • Date of Birth : October 27, 1983
  • Nationality : Turkey
  • Height : 6'0
  • Weight : 170 lbs
  • Hair : Blond
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Occupation : Model, Actor, Athlete

Senin, 26 September 2011

Mohammed Al Maiman 2 : The Most Seductive Saudi Arabian Hunk

Did you remember about my last post about him? Yes Mohammed Al Maiman definitely my number one Arab hunks. He was winning Mr Saudi Arabia 2011 and have rights to represent his country to male beauty pageant Mr World 2011. This hot Arab hunks is definitely my favorite to win the crown, I hope he win and makes Saudis citizen proud. For your information even tough Maiman was Saudi Arabian, he actually raised in Paris, France. So I'm sure he was growing up in Liberal environment and sure it shape his personality and of course his physique too.

Maiman is typical shy Arab guy, but he wasn't to shy being shoot with less clothes. It was proved with some his breath taking pictures. This guy was absolutely have bright future in modeling industry. If he moves to USA, I'm 100% he gonna be success just like other hot Arab male model such as Adam Ayash or Waleed Sokkar. In my opinion Maiman was better than other two Arab Model, he have some gorgeous and exotic look that both don't have. Damn! I hope I can see this model progress in the future.

Aziz Taufiq

To me This men is absolutely the Greek God of Sexiness. His name Aziz Taufiq, he was a professional male model from Indonesia. This Indonesia hunk is always appear in some top magazine in Indonesia such as Cosmopolitan and many Fitness Magazine. Aziz is know how to seduce peoples who look at him. Honestly in my opinion he was too much sex appeal in him and his read hair is exactly no suit with he skin, it absolutely no necessary. before entering modeling industry Aziz was junior bodybuilder in his country but modeling look like take him interest probably because its more gaining money for him.

Aziz Taufiq's profile/biography:
  • Full Name : Aziz Taufiq
  • Hometown : Jakarta
  • Age : 23 years old
  • Nationaliy : Indonesia
  • Height ; 5'7
  • Weight : 174 lbs
  • Hair : Red
  • Eyes : Black
  • Occupation : Model, Bodybuilder

Minggu, 25 September 2011

Agung Arya : The Most Exotic Indonesian Male Model

If you love a dark skinned, Pacific Islander typical male model, you probably will love this men. Agung Arya is male model from Indonesia. He was born in Bali and now living and work as male model in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. This Indonesian Hunk just my type, I love dark skinned Pacific Islander peoples, they just have some exotic looking that you never find in any race. Their skin is dark but sexy not like East Indian or Black, Indonesian peoples is have flawless skin texture.

Well in Indonesia, they called their race as "Melayu" race or Malay (but not Malaysia). For your information actually Indonesia is consist hundred of tribes and each tribes had different culture religion and physique. My favorite is clealy Balinese, I think Balinese is the most exotic peoples in Indonesian, so you should go travel to Bali. They have some exotic look just like their land, Bali. Just enjoyed the pictures below, and tell me whether your saliva out....

Tag : Indonesian hot hunks, Indonesian male model, Hot Asian Male model, Dark skinned Indonesian sexy men, L Men Model Celana Dalam

Agung Arya's profile/biography:
  • Full Name : Agung Arya
  • Hometown : Bali
  • Age : 23 years old
  • Nationality : Indonesia
  • Height : 5'9
  • Weight : 172 lbs
  • Hair : Short Black
  • Eyes : Black
  • Occupation : Model

Cendy Citra

Cendy Citra is 22 years old male model from Indonesia, he competed in L-Men 2010 contest where he didn't placed. Cendy is typical brown skinned Indonesian hunk, he probably a Javanese descent since this tribe majority have same skin to him. I don't have many information about his personal but I know he was a professional male model in his country. He had been work with many Indonesia top Photographer for example Wong Sim. I kind like this Indonesian Hunk, his skin is so exotic and he also had a killer abs too, that's the biggest value in his body. But I got a problem with his name, I mean what kind a guy with name "Cendy"? Its sound "Cindy" to me but anyway with those look he makes his name is no one way for his name. I love him!.

Tag : Indonesian Hunks, Indonesian Male model, Cowok seksi, Gambar Cowok indonesia ganteng, Indonesian hot male model Cendy Citra,

Cendy Citra's profile/biography:
  • Full Name : Cendy Citra
  • Hometown : Jakarta
  • Age : 22 years old
  • Nationality : Indonesia
  • Height : 5'9
  • Weight : 174 lbs
  • Hair : Short Dark
  • Eyes : Black
  • Occupation : Model


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