Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Arab American Male Supermodel : AJ Albuarub

I'm not sure wether AJ Albuarub is Muslim or not but his name Ahmad Jalal "AJ" Albuarub indicated that he was. But that doesn't matter, at least he was an Arab.

 He was born from an Arab father and German American mother. He was raised in Iowa and from model forum I know that he never meet his faher, so sad :(. He was the winner of American Model Search 2006 held in Florida. In that contest he was placed 3rd runner up.

 If you looking detail on him, you will know that he have no Arabs features, and actually his look just like all American boy in generally: blue eyes, blond hair, pale skin and yes sexy body.

He's hobbies including hunting and fishing. He live in Midwest so he's always wear cowboy clothes.

 He named as the one of top 5 male model who earned more prizes in 2008. He already work and walk for Armani, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Ambercrombie Fitch and others top clothing company.
 Now he was ambassador for Calvin Klein , so you will see him in many Calvin Klein runaway show and ads but one thing that I noticed, he never appear on Calvin Klein underwear ads or runaway. I don't what the reason but I'm sure he have stellar body to show other peoples.

I have no more information about him. As I know from other forum this cute men was introvert person. He have no intereseting to talk about his personal life. Maybe because he was raised in broken home family, as I said earlier he never meet his father since he was a child.

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